Will the government change in Jharkhand, understand the meaning of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Deoghar in simple words

PM Modi in Jharkhand Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave many messages to the countrymen from the holy land of Baba Baidyanath Dham Deoghar. He inaugurated the Deoghar airport here. Overwhelmed by the grand welcome during the roadshow, PM Modi said that he was blessed to have reached Babanagari.

Ranchi, Jn. PM Modi in Jharkhand Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave many messages to the countrymen from the holy land of Baba Baidyanath Dham, Deoghar. He inaugurated the Deoghar airport here. Overwhelmed by the grand welcome during the roadshow, PM Modi said, he was blessed to have reached Kashi Vishwanath first and now Babanagari. Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren was also present during the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Deoghar. Hemant, who was in all-round crisis in recent times, was looking very humble during this time. His strife with the BJP seemed to be lagging behind. The manner in which the state government has laid its eyes on the welcome of PM Modi, due to which the speculation about new political equations has intensified in the minds of the people.

Such speculations are also being made in Jharkhand that the JMM-Congress coalition government may not change its form in the coming days. Hemant Soren also showed a glimpse of this in his address in the program today. Hemant sang a lot of praises of PM Modi from an open stage. However, now political analysts are trying to figure out its meaning. Reviewing the pulse of politics, reviewing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Deoghar, he says that there should be no surprise if the government of Jharkhand changes in the coming days. Because, BJP has already played tribal bets by making Draupadi Murmu the candidate for the post of President. In which Jharkhand Mukti Morcha has been badly entangled. Hemant Soren can’t stand with opposition candidate Yashwant Sinha even if he wants to, despite the pressure of Congress. Because, this will badly affect their politics of tribal interest.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke in BJP’s public meeting at Deoghar College ground

Johar, Greetings to all, Good luck, yesterday the Diwali of Deoghar By lighting the entire Deoghar lamp, the whole country was watching that when the Ganges of development flows, there is so much joy in the day of the people. Yesterday you gave a message to the whole country by lighting a lamp. When I left the new airport today, the zeal and enthusiasm with which you came to bless me on the way to Baba’s feet, the love and blessings you have given is the wealth of my life. On the one hand the blessings of Baba, on the other hand the blessings of the people in the form of God give a lot of power.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said- Shravan will be celebrated in full color, the whole month is going to pass with enthusiasm, enthusiasm, I got a chance to visit Baba’s feet some time ago and worship, thousands of crores rupees for the development of Jharkhand before that. The plan was offered at the feet of Baba and the public, especially in Baba Dham, facilities have expanded, Kanwaria and devotees are going to get a lot of convenience, had the good fortune of coming to Deoghar for the new airport, got a chance to come today, Earlier the scheme was announced, stone was used, after two or four government bricks were used. After leaving the government, the plan was visible, today we have brought its political culture, for which we lay the foundation stone, we also inaugurate it, we understand the rights of the people, we understand the value of public money, the people Let not a single penny be wasted, money should be useful to the public, it is our resolve.

PM Modi said, you have made yourself indebted by giving affection, I will continue to make sincere efforts to repay it by developing fast, developing everyone, today plans of more than sixteen thousand crores are an important step in this direction, India’s faith, spirituality And the land of pilgrimage, pilgrimages have shaped us as a better society and nation, Deoghar also has Shiva and Shakti. Both Jyotirlinga and Shaktipeeth are present, every year lakhs of devotees bring Ganga water from far and wide, come with devotion, language and dialect may not be understood by each other, but our faith, our cultural heritage is our common heritage, these Investments to ease the way to access heritage, Baba Baidyanath, Kashi, Kedarnath, Ramayana circuit, places associated with Lord Buddha, modern facilities in every place associated with historical importance….

The Prime Minister said that tourism is a lucrative industry in many countries of the world as a medium of employment, the entire economy of many countries is relying on tourists, there is immense power of tourism in every nook and corner of India, there is a lot of potential, we need to increase it further. It is needed, today the world wants to see new places, new cultures, new things, in every corner of India, on every stone, thousands of years old memories are contained, thousands of years old great tradition affects their mind when they see the world. Today, the need of the hour is that India should preserve its heritage more and more, increase modern facilities, in the past years, whatever pilgrimage places were connected with modern facilities, people benefit from them.

PM Modi said that I want to give the example of Baba Vishwanath’s city of Kashi to the common people of Babadham, since Kashi got the pace of development, the number of devotees coming to Banaras has increased manifold, this year Varanasi compared to three years ago. Passengers came thrice in this, due to this, hoteliers, dhawawalas, boatmen, auto vendors, worship goods and tea sellers are also benefiting a lot, business has increased, handicrafts work has increased, sales have increased, similar effect We are also seeing in Kedarnath Dham, when the facilities were not increased there, two and a half lakh people used to come in the first month after the opening of the doors, this time nine lakh devotees have visited, similar example is Sardar on the banks of mother Narmada in Gujarat. There is also the tallest statue of Patel, this is the area of ​​our tribal brothers and sisters, after the Statue of Unity, many people come, spend hundreds of crores, the tribal brothers and sisters are getting the benefit.

The Prime Minister said that the benefit of increasing tourism goes to the poor, increasing tourism in Jharkhand will also give an opportunity for livelihood, income will increase, it is a matter of pride for our government, everyone is proud on November 15, the birthday of Lord Birsa Munda. Tribal Pride Day has been declared, we have also got the privilege of building the best and modern museum of Dharti Aba, the projects we have started will accelerate the development of Jharkhand, for us, Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas, Sabka Prayas is not just a slogan, the enthusiasm shown by you means that people want development.

Travel from Deoghar airport to the country-Vedish, PM Modi gave a gift

A new chapter of the transformation of Deoghar was written on Tuesday. The distances not only in the country but abroad which were for many days have now turned into hours. As soon as Prime Minister Narendra Modi did Deoghar Airport in the name of the nation, the spiritual city of Deoghar was connected to the world through air service on the global stage. This became the second airport of Jharkhand which connected the country as well as abroad. Till yesterday, rail was the only means to connect the people of Santal Parnaga with any corner of the country. Now he has joined the world. Deoghar is important. Baba Baidyanath is a pilgrimage site. A center of faith of crores of people is the Satsang Ashram. Rikhia Ashram is established by Swami Satyanand Saraswati, who took Yoga to the world. Apart from six districts of Santal Parganas, people of Dhanbad, Giridih, Bhagalpur, Banka, Jamui and even Purnia of Bihar will also travel from Deoghar airport.

Those who wished to visit the Dwadash Jyotirlinga located in Deoghar got convenience. Even more convenience became available to the one who came to Parasnath, the center of Jain pilgrimage. Till now, those coming to Giridih from Gujarat and Mumbai used to land at Kolkata or Ranchi airport and come here by road. After paying eight to ten thousand fare to reach Kolkata, they had to pay at least five thousand taxi fare. Now eight to ten thousand will come till Deoghar airport. And will reach Parasnath by taxi in two thousand. Therefore, now the Jains who participate in the summit of Parasnath will land at Deoghar Airport. Indigo has just started booking via Kolkata from Deoghar to many big cities of the country and abroad.

Deoghar Airport connecting flights to Dhaka, Bangkok and Singapore

Connecting flights from Deoghar to Kolkata via select cities of the country and abroad have been given. As soon as the airline starts from Deoghar for Delhi, these cities of the country and abroad will be connected via Delhi. Passengers will take their journey via Kolkata or Delhi. Presently Via Kolkata Deoghar to Bangkok, Dhaka, Singapore, Port Blair. Do a search by visiting Indigo’s website www.goindigo.in. IndiGo official said that all the information is on the website.

Talking about selected cities of the country, Guwahati, Lucknow, Mumbai, Amritsar, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar, Nagpur, Pune, Goa, Jaipur, Chennai have also been added. Passengers have to go to IndiGo’s site and search for their destination and see the fare and flight timings from Kolkata. The fare varies from time to time. Under the UDAN program of the Airport Authority of India, the Prime Minister’s dream of expanding Deoghar Airport to connect it with big cities has come true for the public. Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Rajiv Bansal has described it as the best airport in the country.

Service started from Deoghar airport after four years 40 days

  • On May 25, 2019, Modi had laid the foundation stone of the airport expansion online.
  • Coming to the land of Baba Baidyanath and inaugurated on 12th July 2022
  • Airport expansion plan size 401 crore
  • Runway length 2500 m, width 25 m
  • DGCA gave the license on 11 April 2022
  • Calibration flight did the trial on 14 August 22
  • The airport’s runway extension, spread over 654 acres of land, also has four hundred meters of land.
  • On June 7, 2022, IndiGo’s 120-seater ship took the first trial.
  • The first 78-seat ship from Kolkata to Deoghar landed at the airport on July 12.
  • Direct flight from Delhi to Deoghar will fly on July 30, booking can be done from tomorrow.

Prime Minister Modi gave a gift of 16,835 crores to Jharkhand

July 12 has become a historic day in the all-round development of Jharkhand. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi handed over the gift of 16,835 crores to the entire Jharkhand including Deoghar, Santal Pargana. Inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of 25 development projects including air, rail, road connectivity, health, clean fuel in the state. In this, 12 schemes worth Rs. 6,565 crore were laid. And 13 schemes worth 10,270 crores were launched. PM Modi made this day special. A 250-bed AIIMS IPD and an airport of 401 crore to connect the country and the world with air service was done in the name of the public. The inauguration of the airport comes at a time when the world’s famous Shravani Mela is starting a day later on July 14. AIIMS Hospital in Karen will prove to be a milestone in realizing the vision of a healthy society. The airport will open doors of development, attract tourists and pilgrims, and AIIMS will improve the health of backward Santal Parganas.

13 schemes inaugurated

  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Deoghar 1103 Crore
    Deoghar airport 401.3 crore
  • Development of Baba Baidyanath Dham tourism 39 crores.
  • Six laning of Gorhar to Khairatunda section of NH-2, 1790.3
    1332.8 crores for six lanes from Khairatunda to Barwadda section of NH-2. 519.2 crore for the remaining work of four lane of the Ranchi-Mahulia section.
  • 284.7 crore for remaining four lane work of Chowka to Saharbera section. 2/4 lane 1144 crore to Govindpur (Rajganj)-Chas-West Bengal border section of NH-32.
  • MOP&NG of Bokaro-Angul section of Jagdishpur-Haldia-Bokaro-Dhamra pipeline 2500 crore
  • New LPG Plant at Barhi MOP&NG 161.5 Crore Bokaro LPG Plant MOP & NG 93.4 Cr
  • Garhwa-Mahuria (66 km) Railroad Doubling Project 866 crores Electrification of Hansdiha-Godda (32 km) Railway 35 crores
  • Foundation stone laid for 12 schemes
  • NH 80 (Package I) Mirza Chowki-Farakka section will become four lane-1,302.7 crore
  • Four lane from Hariharganj to Parwa Mor 1,016.6 crore Four laning of Palma to Gumla section 1,564.9 crore Rehla-Garhwa bypass to four lane 888 crore
  • Corridor 534.7 crore from Kachari Chowk to Piska Mor on NH 75 Construction of Itki ROB on NH 23 in Ranchi 108.3 crore
  • Two lane with paved shoulder from Km 116.00 to Km 176.220 of NH 75E 315.21 Cr Two lane with paved shoulder from Km 116.00 to Km 176.220 of NH 75E – 315.21 cr
  • NH-133 Construction of two lane with paved shoulders from 10.900 km to 24,793 km – 66.7 crore
  • Construction of Surface Facility and Pipeline Network in CBM
  • Jharia Block Parbatpur GCS – 224 Crore
  • Ranchi station redevelopment 210 crores.
  • Jasidih Bypass New Line 294 Crore
  • Godda Coach Maintenance Depot 40 Crore.

IPD facility in Deoghar AIIMS, patients will be admitted on 250 beds

Now patients will be admitted in AIIMS IPD. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the 250-bed hospital online from a program organized at the airport. The Prime Minister also inaugurated the Academic Building of AIIMS. Students pursuing MBBS and Nursing will have facilities in this building. Training facilities will also increase. When the Prime Minister launched this project of 1103 crores, the vision of a healthy society got a new impetus. This 750-bed hospital will be operational by the end of 2022. There will be no emergency service now. After the medical consultation of the OPD, if the patients who come for treatment in AIIMS OPD are referred for hospitalization, then only they will be admitted to the 250-bed hospital. Patients will not be referred directly to AIIMS from any hospital. Before any health institution, that patient will have to be shown in the OPD of AIIMS. Patients referred from outside will also be able to show up at the time of OPD. Only then will they be recruited if needed. According to the Executive Director Dr. Saurabh Varshney, the patient will be admitted in the IPD only on the advice of the doctor of AIIMS OPD. Patients will not be directly admitted to IPD from Sadar Hospital or any hospital.

Rate per bed per day in AIIMS only Rs.25

When the patient is admitted for treatment in AIIMS, then the bed fee will be charged at the rate of only 25 rupees per day. The Executive Director said that the patient will have to deposit an advance fee of two thousand rupees before being admitted. If the patients are discharged soon, the balance amount will be refunded to them. At present, more than 500 patients are being seen in OPD in AIIMS every day.

126 doctors at present

At present there are 126 doctors in AIIMS. Restoration process is also going on. Soon more than 20 doctors will be posted. The hostel of 240 room students has become operational. The 144 room girls hostel in the campus will be operational next month. At present, the girl students are living in the hostel of AIIMS campus located at Panchayat Training Institute. In 2019, 50 students took admission in MBBS. In 2020, enrollment was done on 62 seats. MBBS seat increased to 100 in 2021, on which enrolled students are studying. Nursing studies have started on 60 seats from the 2021 session itself. Enrollment will start from August on the academic session of 2022. NEET exam is going on this month. In this year’s session also MBBS will be taught in 100 seats and Nursing will be taught in 60 seats.

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