When the Japanese army arrived to kill Charlie Chaplin with a tank, they failed and killed their own PM.

Shinzo Abe Death News The political history of Japan is quite bloody. The Japanese military revolted twice to impose military rule. The murder of Charlie Chaplin was also part of this conspiracy. This was Japan’s biggest political conspiracy.

New Delhi, Online Desk. The assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (Japan Ex-PM Shinzo Abe Assassination) has turned many pages of bloody political history here. One of these is the conspiracy to assassinate the famous comedian Charlie Chaplin. This conspiracy was hatched by some rebel soldiers of Japan. Rebel soldiers had arrived with tanks to kill Charlie Chaplin. Yet when he failed, his own prime minister was brutally murdered. This was the biggest conspiracy in the political history of Japan. Know, what was the reason for this conspiracy and what was its result.

famous comedian charlie chaplin

Born on 16 April 1889 in East Street, Walworth, London, Charlie Chaplin was one of the most creative figures of the silent film era. Chaplin was the world’s most famous actor and film director. He had a special significance in American cinema (Classical Hollywood). At that time, Chaplin’s fans were all over the world including Japan and America. That is why the Japanese army conspired to assassinate him, whose purpose was to make a dangerous conspiracy successful.

Japanese Navy had arrived to kill Charlie Chaplin with a tank

May 15, 1932, is one of the darkest dates in Japanese history. This was the day when 11 junior officers of the Japanese Navy arrived with a tank to kill Charlie Chaplin. The place was the official PM residence of the then Japanese Prime Minister Tsuyoshi Inukai in Tokyo. Charlie Chaplin had reached PM Suyoshi’s guest a day earlier on May 14. When the Marines arrived at the PM’s residence to assassinate him, Charlie Chaplin had gone to watch sumo wrestling with the Prime Minister’s son Takeru Inukai. So the Marines killed their own Prime Minister Suyoshi Inukai. Although Charlie Chaplin managed to escape from Japan.

Why did the Japanese soldiers want to kill Charlie Chaplin?

This was the beginning of the modern era of Japan. Japan was engaged in strengthening its economy. Along with this, the governments of Japan were constantly formulating many such rules and schemes, which would help in making Japan a strong nation in the future. This was also affecting the military structure of Japan. The expenditure of the army was controlled to strengthen the economy. Therefore, there was discontent in a large group of Japanese army and they wanted to impose military rule in the country. The conspiracy to assassinate Charlie Chaplin was also part of this episode. In fact, the rebel soldiers hoped that by killing Charlie Chaplin, they would be able to provoke America to war. In this way they will get a chance to impose military rule in Japan. However he failed.

Even after four years, the Japanese army tried to overturn the power.

On 26 February 1936, four years after the 15 May 1931 incident, the Japanese army revolted once again. The rebellion this time was much bigger than the rebellion of 1931. This time the rebel soldiers killed many politicians in different parts of the country. It also included two former prime ministers, Korekiyo Takahashi and Makoto Saito. Both former prime ministers of Japan were assassinated by rebel soldiers at their residences. The aim of the rebel soldiers was to kill the then Prime Minister of Japan, Keisuke Okada. However, the rebels could neither kill him nor could they succeed in their plans to overthrow the power. This was the second biggest conspiracy in the history of Japanese politics.

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