Russia-Ukraine war begins in the sixth month, 50 Russian ammunition depots destroyed in Ukrainian attack

Russia Ukraine Crisis : The situation in this long war is such that the Russian Army is now using its surface-to-air S-300 missiles to attack Ukraine’s ground targets. Still working. The Soviet-era S-300 missiles were first deployed in the year 1979.

As the Russian-Ukraine War entered its sixth month on Monday, Ukrainian forces said they had destroyed 50 Russian military ammunition depots. He said, this operation was done using the Himars rocket systems received from America. America gave these weapons to Ukraine in June. Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said on national TV, “HIMARS (HIMARS), a high-mobility artillery rocket system from the US, performed better and did not give Russia a chance to defend itself.”

At present, Russia has not commented on this. Reznikov said Ukrainian artillery carried out precise attacks on several bridges. Local occupation officials said the Himaras had carried out several attacks along the river in the Kherson region last week. Meanwhile, Ukraine also released a video that claimed to have destroyed a Russian anti-air defense S-300 battery. Several burnt debris are visible in the video. The Ukrainian military’s Facebook post claimed that it was the battery of the surface-to-air missile system.

Soviet era S-300 missiles
The situation in this protracted war is that the Russian military is now using its surface-to-air S-300 missiles to strike Ukrainian ground targets. The Soviet-era S-300 missiles were first deployed in 1979. These missiles were designed for the Soviet Air Defense Forces to defend against air strikes and to combat cruise missiles. While Ukraine is destroying them with American help.

War crime charges against Russia intensify
The S-300 missiles used by Russia were equipped with a special explosive. Wherever these missiles fell, everything was destroyed around it. The use of these missiles is now increasing the charges of war crimes against Russia.

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