Rajasthan: Hanuman Beniwal said – Divya should get married, it keeps the mind right;

The war of words is going on between Divya Maderna and Hanuman Beniwal in Rajasthan. Hanuman Beniwal said in a public meeting in Osian area of ​​Jodhpur that Divya should leave the worry of development and get married because marriage keeps the mind right.

Jodhpur, Dialogue Source. In Rajasthan, senior Congress leader of Ralopa convenor and Nagaur MP Hanuman Beniwal, Late. Hundreds of Congress workers raised slogans at the Bawdi subdivision headquarters over the remarks on Parasram Maderna and his family. Protested by burning an effigy of Hanuman Beniwal at Tehsil intersection of Osiya Vidhan Sabha. On Friday, Hanuman Beniwal had made remarks in a meeting in Bawdi, using uncivilized language towards senior farmer leader Parasram Maderna and his family, due to which there is a huge anger among the farmers and Maderna supporters.

Congressmen protested

Against Beniwal’s remark, Congress workers and office bearers of Bawdi Panchayat Samiti reached Bawdi subdivision on Saturday and while holding a public outcry meeting there, many people protested condemning the remarks made by Beniwal. The speakers told that the Maderna family is the pride and glory of the peasantry and the self. We will not tolerate any frivolous remarks on a great personality like Parasram Maderna. In the peasant politics of Marwar, the self. Maderna sahib’s stature has been very big and 36 people have respect for him. As the third generation of the Maderna family, Divya Maderna is raising the flag of farmer politics.

Know what Beniwal had to say

The verbal war between Divya Maderna and Hanuman Beniwal is going on for some time now. When both go to each other’s assembly constituencies, then they make rhetoric at each other. Here, this time Hanuman Beniwal said in a public meeting in Jodhpur’s Osian area that leave my worries, I live by eliminating the one I follow. Divya should leave the worry of development and get married, because marriage keeps the mind right. He said that Mahipal Maderna is no more, so we all should worry about it. I will also come to invite you for marriage and bless me.

Beniwal said that no one can measure the temperature of Khinvsar, even if you were your grandfather, he could not measure it. Beniwal said that Osian was the assembly election, so both the mother and daughter came to me crying to help us. Had I fielded my candidate, I would have lost. Beniwal also made rhetoric about Parasram Maderna, a veteran Jat leader of Marwar. Beniwal said that if he wanted to become CM, then who had stopped him. He didn’t want to become CM. Just had to change the cap every now and then. When action was taken against the farmers in Bhopalgarh incident, he himself was a minister. Said again in 1998 that I am CM’s claimant. He cut the nose of the Jats. Sometimes Gehlot and sometimes Sukhadia’s slavery. Beniwal also repeatedly attacked Divya Maderna’s family. He had said that the CD containing Bhanwari of Mahipal Maderna had come. It was so long that it had to be seen in two to three times. After the advent of the CD, the honor and respect of the society got hurt in the country.

The meeting was to garner public support

Hanuman Beniwal is on a tour of Marwar these days. A huge rally is to be organized by RLSP in Jodhpur on 27th in protest against the Agneepath scheme of the Central Government. In view of the number of villagers in this rally, Hanuman Beniwal is doing public relations in rural areas. We are holding regular public meetings here and making strategy in view of Agni Veer and Agneepath’s plan. There was also a meeting of Hanuman Beniwal in Osian area regarding this. Here he told the Congress and the Maderna family a lot.

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