Passengers were upset due to stoppage of many roadways buses

Almora. The operation of many services of roadways came to a standstill. Passengers remained upset due to non-operation of buses. Passengers kept wandering at stations for other vehicles. Later some passengers left for the destination by taxi and some Kemu buses.

Buses are operated from roadways station Almora to various places including Dehradun, Gurugram, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Delhi, Bageshwar, Haldwani, Rudrapur. There is a shortage of drivers in the roadways depot. Due to this, the operation of daily services is coming to a standstill. According to the information received from the roadways station, the operation of many services including Almora-Tanakpur, Almora-Lamgada-Delhi, Almora-Betalghat-Delhi, Almora-Dharamghar, Bareilly-Bageshwar were stalled on Tuesday. Due to non-operation of buses, passengers going to places like Delhi, Lamgada, Betalghat, Bageshwar, Tanakpur etc. had to face problems. Passengers kept wandering in the stations in search of other vehicles. Later some passengers left for the destination by taxis and Kemu buses.

Due to the high fare of taxis, the pockets of the passengers became loose. The suspension of services is also affecting the income of roadways. Passengers say that they are facing problems due to suspension of services every day. Passengers come to the station from far and wide and come here to know that the service is suspended today. Due to the absence of buses, the passengers are compelled to go to the destination by other vehicles. Passengers said that all buses should be operated regularly.

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